BMB Goes Down a Storm at Eaglesham Beer Fest...Literally!


BMB made their 1st beer festival appearance of the 'summer', and second of the year at the inaugural Eaglesham Beer Festival which ran as part of the annual Eaglesham Fair...and it is fair to say that the word 'summer' is slightly misleading!

When we arrived at 10am to find the rain lashing down on an already muddy field, we have to be honest and say our hearts sank slightly.  Thankfully the Eaglesham community are made of sterner stuff!!  The fully licensed festival tied in the feel of a county fête and was held on the grassy, or muddy, moors of Eaglesham, six miles south of Glasgow. Despite the rain and mud we, and the other vendors, hunkered down and got ready to go for 11am.  Much to our delight and our amazement the good people of Eaglesham and the surrounding began to flock not long after.

Sponsored by Whole Foods Giffnock and Yelp Glasgow the festival played host to brewers such as WEST Brewery, Fyne Ales, Drygate, Franciscan Wells, Thistly Cross Cider, Bijou Wine as well as a number of smaller breweries.

By the late afternoon things were in full swing, including our gazebo!  We were delighted to be part of a local, community event such as this beforehand. However, to witness the dedication of the locals and their determination to stick two fingers up to the rain and make the most of their village fair was really inspiring!  

We would like to say a massive thank you to Fraser and all the organisers, and more than anything a massive thank you to everyone who came and supported such a great event!  Despite the mud, we enjoyed every minute and hope you enjoyed having us too!

PS, thanks Briony & Team Yelp for trying to keep us dry...